Hand dyed yarns. What can we do with it?

Hand dyed yarns. What can we do with it?

Hand dyed yarn is e very special yarn because hand dyed make colours combination very interesting with singular shadows. Knitting with this kind of yarn can help you create a wonderful project very fascinating and singular because design and colours never repeat.

Hand dyed yarns for knitting blogHere are some of idea to take practice with this kind of yarn:
Shawl and stole: With hand-dyed yarns, you can realize beautiful shawls with singular design of colour and exciting shadows combination.
Socks and gloves: Create comfortable socks and gloves by interesting colours and unique style.
Hats and berets: Handmade hats by hand dyed yarn make a spectacular effect as an original items.
Pullover and jackets: Create unique and exclusive models with original colours shade or transvers lines.
Toys: Use the shine and bright colours of hand-dyed yarn to make a soft objects or toys.
Poncho and mantels: Use art effects of hand dyed colour to realise comfortable and very stylish poncho and trendy mantel.
Cardigan and vests: cardigan and vests made in hand dyed yarn could be a strong intonation in your wardrobe.
● Accessorize: Plaid, cushions and - why not, rugs you can do with hand dyed yarn. It could be nice touch of glamour and cosy in your home style.

Remember that particular qualities of hand-dyed yarn is exclusive appearance, for this reason you should choose the projects that can emphasize the value. As well, please control recommendation about care of hand dyed yarn to conserve colours strong and brightness for a long time.

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