Kid Mohair silk “Gioia”. What kind of knitting we can do with it? How to take care of knitwear garment?

Kid Mohair silk “Gioia”. What kind of knitting we can do with it? How to take care of knitwear garment?

The “Gioia” is kid mohair silk yarn it's a luxurious and delicate material, ideal for creating light and elegant products.

The composition of the yarn is 75% kid mohair and 25% silk. It is distinguished by softness and bulkiness, that's why it becomes very inviting to create various knitwear.

Yarn for knitting and crochet Gioia in the internet store EllGiHere are some ideas to see what you can do with “Gioia” yarn:

  1. Shawls and stoles: Kid mohair on silk is ideal for creating airy and very light feather - like shawls or stoles. Items will be warm, pleasant to touch and it will add a touch of luxury to your outfit.
  2. Sweaters and jackets: This yarn is suitable for knitting warm sweaters and jackets. They will be soft and comfortable, which will make them great to wear for the cold seasons but it could be also on cool summers evening.
  3. Pullover and cardigan: kid mohair on silk allows you to create garments with an airy texture, which makes them elegant and glamour.
  4. Hats and gloves: Kid mohair on silk is suitable for knitting hats and mittens. They will be warm, soft and very elegant. By working in a single row you get a luxury accessory, instead by coupling different rows you get a voluminous and comfortable item
  5. Dresses and tops: For special occasions, you can knit delicate dresses and tops  which will have a spectacular silky shining.

When you have finished knitting your pattern it is important to know how care about it in way your garments retain their beauty and quality for a long time. Here are some tips to care of the "Gioia" kid mohair on silk:

  1. Hand Wash: Hand wash in cold water, recommended using a mild detergent.
  2. Gentle wringing: After washing, wring the product gently, but do not twist hard to avoid deformation of the fibres. Alternatively, wrap in a towel, squeeze it gently with your hands to remove excess wet.
  3. Drying in horizontal position: it is recommended to dry the product on a horizontal surface to avoid stretching.
  4. Avoid high temperatures: It is recommended don't dry the product in direct sunlight or on heating devices.
  5. Storage: Keep your garment made with kid mohair on silk in a clean and dry place.

Following these tips, help you maintain the beauty and quality of your silk kid mohair garments for a long time.

Have fun to create your garment with our “Gioia” yarn!

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