Knitted and crochet cardigans

Knitted and crochet cardigans

Cardigan is a trendy and comfortable wardrobe piece that could be made with knits or crochet. It has become very popular due to its convenience and comfort. Cardigan can be made in different lengths, shapes and finishes and for this reason it can be used both for every day and for special occasions.
Cardigans can be made in different way and materials, starting with the finest for summer models: cotton, viscose, silk, linen and heavier variants for winter variants such as: wool, angora, mohair.
CardiganLength of the cardigan can vary according to taste and need, it can be: short up to the waist, long up to the knee but also longer. Long cardigans are very trendy as a style element in everyday clothing and as a change to a light coat in the cooler seasons.
The very important aspect a making cardigan is the construction of the front parts with the closures. From this reason depends how the cardigan will look dressed on and how easy it will be to put it on or take it off. The closures can be made as simple buttons, zippers, strings or without any closure to always wear open.

Knitted or crocheted cardigans have some characteristics:
- Material: Natural yarn of various sizes and lengths is often used to knit knits needles.
- Decorations: Knitting with knitting needles gives a possibility to create many decorations such as braids, Aran and jacquard. This possibility allows us to create cardigans with very particular details and with a different structures of the weave.
- Design and pattern: Cardigan can be made in different designs from straight to voluminous, from loose to close-fitting.

CROCHETCrochet cardigan
- Material: As knitted cardigans, we can use different types and measure of yarn to crochet cardigan. However, crochet allows you to knit with more density and for this reason the crochet cardigan is more suitable for winter models. Similarly the models made of cotton or silk are very popular for summer holidays and trips to the sea.
- Ornaments and details: With crochet you can create intricate ornaments including lace patterns and geometric lines. These decorations add a refined and individual touch to your item.
- Trimming: Its easy to add a nice decoration with crochet, lace trimming and even voluminous decorative flowers as appliquу.

Both types of cardigans might be beautiful compliments to your wardrobe. The choice of material, design and pattern depends on your style, season and personal taste. Making your own knit cardigan is a perfect way to demonstrate your creativity as well as get pleasure from your handmade work.
Moreover, the cardigan can be enriched with details such as pockets, embroidery, applications or the hood, according to your taste or desire for functionality. Different types of buttons and closures can add a personal touch to your creation.
Knitting the cardigan can be a long and difficult process but the result will give you great satisfaction. The cardigan made with your own hands will be an extra detail in your wardrobe but also an element that will warm you up on cold days and add a touch of refinement to your style in the summer.

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