“Lucia” – luxury yarn kid mohair seta with sequins

“Lucia” – luxury yarn kid mohair seta with sequins

Yarn to knitting Kid Mohair seta con sequins seems very interesting and it is a luxury choice to make beautiful and very sophisticated models.
Kid Mohair is a soft and voluminous yarn and silk add to the shine and smoothness. The sequins increase a play of light and sparkle.

“Lucia” – tenderly and elegant yarn. This mean it is better to use it for light models like shawl and scarfs, sweaterand cardigan, top and accessorize with openwork ornaments.
If you take a big size needles you can knitting modern models so called “spider web”, you will have an attractive piece very chic.
Knitting yarn with sequins is very motivating. Yarn “Lucia” have a small sequins (3mm) distance 10cm between each other. It is exciting lights playing on the finished items, so it makes your work very pleasant. You should
know that in the yarn composition there are a little percent of viscose and polyamide. Viscose make jersey more flexible and polyamide make it stronger.

What else we should know before knitting yarn “Lucia”?Lucia yarn internet store blog
1. Choosing project: some models could be better than others for this kind of yarn. For example top, dresses, shawl and accessorize will be perfect in kid mohair yarn with sequins.
2. Pattern selection: pattern selection for yarn with sequins should be simple otherwise, it will be overload design already full of sequins.
3. Sample: Before beginning, we suggest you to make a small sample to see how to place the sequins on the knit.
4. Needle size: we recommend needle number 3.0-4.0 mm for the pattern and number 5.0 mm for the simple plane knitting. Crochet number: 2.5 - 3.0 mm
5. Knitting density: Remember that sequins could seems to be heaviness or stiffness in your work. That is why it will be better if you do loose wide knit.
6. Care: When you finished knitting, we recommend washing items by hand with delicacy.

Following these tips, you can create beautiful and bright items with kid mohair silk with sequins yarn “Lucia”.
Regardless project you had choose for your knit work, knitting with this type of yarn let you create unique beautiful
models to attract attention because of bright and texture.
Please have fun!

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