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100% Cashgora Yarn

100% Cashgora Yarn

100% Cashgora Yarn

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Composition: 100% Cashgora (a blend of Cashmere and Angora goat fibers).
Skein Weight: 50 grams.
Length: 375 meters (approximately 410 yards) in a 50-gram skein.
Needle size: 2.5-4.0 mm
Hook 2.5-3.0 mm
10cm x 10cm = 30lps X 42rows
Natural white color
*Price for one ball
Cashgora Yarn – it’s pure luxury for your crafting projects!

Why Cashgora?

**Cashgora wool**, with its remarkable properties, can rival even camel wool. Let's dive into its unique features:

1. **Excellent Absorption**: Cashgora has outstanding moisture-absorbing abilities. It wicks moisture away from the body and evaporates it, leaving you feeling dry. This property is often referred to as "dry warmth."

2. **Natural Insulation**: Cashgora wonderfully retains natural warmth, maintaining a temperature balance that's comfortable for your body.

3. **Low Maintenance**: Products made from Cashgora yarn require minimal care. Handwashing with a wool-specific detergent is recommended. Avoid wringing out the fabric and lay it flat to dry.

10cm x 10 cm

25lps X 40rows





   50g - 100g

  125g - 175g


   100g - 150g

 50g - 75g

125g - 175g

   150g - 250g
  40g - 70g

200g - 250g 

300g - 400g

In summary, Cashgora combines luxury, functionality, and ease of care – perfect for cozy creations!

Care information

In order for your product to always remain in its original form, it is necessary to take into account some rules for care:
1. Hand wash at 30°C
2. For the first time, wash the product separately from other things
3. Dry the product on a flat surface, away from heaters and direct sunlight.

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