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MUSE Yarn for Socks and Other Creations color White

MUSE Yarn for Socks and Other Creations color White

MUSE Yarn for Socks and Other Creations color White

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Introducing our MUSE yarn, the perfect choice for those who aspire to create stylish and comfortable knitted items. This yarn provides unparalleled softness and a pleasant touch, thanks to high-quality merino wool.

80% merino wool superwash 20% nylon
1 skein = 100g = 420m
*Price for one skein

Colors can vary between batches and we recommend you purchase sufficient yarn for your project to ensure consistency. We take care when photographing our yarn but colors may vary from the picture. 

10cm x 10 cm

30lps X 42rows





   50g - 100g   150g - 200g
     150g - 200g
 50g - 100g

200g - 250g

   200g - 300g
  40g - 70g 250g - 300g 

350g - 450g

*The CONSUMPTION is approximate and depends on your size and style of the product

Durability: The combination of merino wool and nylon makes this yarn exceptionally durable, ideal for crafting long-lasting items such as socks.

Thin Socks: The ability to knit classic thin socks using a single strand of this yarn ensures the lightness and sophistication of your knitted creations.

Voluminous Socks: Add companion yarn to create more voluminous socks. Experiment by knitting with one, two, or three strands to achieve the desired effect.

Creative Freedom: A classic natural of colors and the ability to combine them, create patterns, and jacquards offer endless possibilities for creativity.

Immerse yourself in the world of knitting with merino-nylon yarn and craft unique, warm, and stylish items that showcase your individual style!

Care information

In order for your product to always remain in its original form, it is necessary to take into account some rules for care:
1. Hand wash at 30°C
2. For the first time, wash the product separately from other things
3. Dry the product on a flat surface, away from heaters and direct sunlight.

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